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That’s right guys I’m feeling generous so I’d like to give prizes out to 3 winners!

  • 1st Prize: Kanto Legendary trio stickers
  • 2nd Prize: Magikarp and Gyarados stickers
  • 3rd Prize: Scyther sticker

"Damn, not only are you Suave but you sure are a giver, what’s the catch?" I hear you mumble into the photo of me you had framed and placed on your wall. 

I want YOU to Like and Reblog this post. Then I want you to follow me (had you not already you cheeky person you.)

Once I have received 250 followers I will gather my top scientists to choose out 3 winners!

But wait, there’s more! 

One of the 3 winners will also receive a mystery Pokémon sticker so secret that I haven’t even made it yet. 

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